MyEROAD Dashboard

MyEROAD Dashboard enhances Depot’s ease of use by introducing a mobile-friendly suite of widgets that consolidates key fleet metrics onto a single view dashboard.

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Key Benefits

  • See your fleet metrics in one screen
    With the single view dashboard get ahead of overdue licenses and services to prevent penalties and vehicle downtime
  • Manage on the go
    Access the dashboard from your mobile device anytime, anywhere
  • Save time
    Customise the dashboard to display metrics critical to running your fleet

One screen, multiple fleet metrics

EROAD’s fleet management solution helps you to take the wealth of data your fleet generates every day and turns it into easy-to-understand reports that provide actionable insights for your business. Providing you with the best data available to help you make business decisions and gain competitive advantage.

MyEROAD Dashboard enables immediate access to this data on easy to view cards. It is accessible anywhere via desktop, tablet or mobile phone and provides the same seamless experience no matter where you log in.

Our customisable dashboard displays multiple fleet metrics through widgets created to show the status of your fleet’s RUC, services and driver leaderboard. 


  • Fully functional on mobile devices with a simplified log in URL
  • Services widget provides a useful overview of which vehicles need urgent servicing to reduce breakdowns on the road
  • Driver licences and medicals widget, allows users to see that their drivers are eligible to operate equipment
  • Driver and vehicle leaderboard widgets, allow users to benchmark drivers within your organisation
  • Ehubo assignment widget helps to maximise the value and utilisation of your Ehubos, to enable complete fleet coverage
  • Ehubo status widget provides insight into how many vehicles are sitting dormant
  • Customisable per user to account for diversity in fleet responsibilities
  • The Dashboard widgets indicate the health status of your fleet
  • All the MYEROAD Dashboard widgets link back to Depot for easy and effective solutioning

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Safety in numbers

Our customers have access to a comprehensive suite of data about their fleet in real-time so they can make better decisions about how to run their business safer and more efficiently.

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